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  1. kristina lenhard on

    Hey shawn,
    kristina your bartender from years ago. I was thinking about how much i miss New Orleans. I thought about you and patty and wondered how the bar was doing. the web site looks great! I would have called the bar but it’s new years eve. didn’t want to bother ya’ll. if you get a chance, email me back. would love to catch up. i also was wondering about tammy. i don’t have her #. happy holidays. hello to richie.
    kristina phone#325-205-3246

  2. Natalia Hess Kopfler on

    I live in the neighborhood and notice the food truck parked there frequently. I am curious if you ever host pop-ups at your venue. My husband and I run a pop-up/catering business called L’Enfant Terrible New Orleans and would love an opportunity to share our food with your customers! Please feel free to reach out via email or cell, 504-289-0551. Thank you!

    Natalia Hess Kopfler


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